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                Showbags 2022

                We’re always looking for new and exciting options to add to our store, and with our showbags of 2022, you can see what we mean. We’ve added a range of fun options, including Minecraft to The Little Mermaid and even Disney’s latest movie Encanto.

                What’s Inside the Best Showbags of 2022?

                Each of our showbags includes a variety of fun things, such as the following:

                • A fun, branded bag. We brand each of our bags with beautiful imagery of the select theme. Not only will the kids love the items inside, but they will also get a cute carry bag with the branding of their favourite shows.
                • Toys. Each of our 2022 bags includes fun little toys for the kids to add to their collections. Each bag comes with its own unique selection of toys based on the chosen brand instead of standard stock items that don’t relate to the show or game.
                • Options for everyone. Whether your kids love Sprinkles the Unicorn, Minnie Mouse, Minecraft, or Jurassic Park, we’ve got a bag for them.

                At Showbag World, we’re always keeping our eyes on the latest kids’ trends to keep our products relevant and exciting. With our latest showbags of 2022, you get only the best in recent kids’ shows, games, and trends.

                Showbags 2022 (12)

                Encanto Showbag


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                My Little Pony Showbag


                Jurassic World Dominion Showbag


                Minecraft Alex Costume Showbag


                Minecraft Steve Costume Showbag


                Minecraft Showbag


                Kangaroo Beach Showbag


                Pixar Showbag

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