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Ekka Showbags

Our range of Ekka showbags is meant to offer customers the option to indulge in their favourite brands, films, TV series, and characters, with several wide-ranging themes to choose from. We make sure to stack our bags full of toys, outfits, confectionery, and accessories, which will provide customers with exciting product options.

If you plan on stocking up before or after the next Brisbane Show, you should consider buying your Ekka showbags from us online. Our easy and simple to use online store allows you to view and add bags to your shopping cart, which you can purchase with one of our eight payment options. Some of our bags include:

  • Sport-themed bags. We offer a few options of sports team bags, which include Barca, Manchester and Los Angeles basketball showbags. These bags contain branded accessories such as kitbags, scarves, balls, and water bottles - everything that a young fan needs to show their support and passion.
  • Character bags. Our character bags are modelled after some familiar outfits that are perfect for dress-up parties, Halloween, or some roughhousing at home. The character bags include the following outfits: a soldier, ninja, and SWAT team member, which has accompanying clothing, headgear, safe-to-use roleplay accessories.
  • Superhero bags. Paying homage to the superheroes who have inspired and captivated for generations, our selection of superhero bags consists of Spiderman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as well as The Avengers. Containing accurate and bright costumes, masks, and gadgets, these bags will surely help to transform your young customers into their favourite heroes.

Why Should You Buy Ekka Showbags Online?

Instead of being ill-prepared or settling for sub-par products at your next event or Ekka, you should ensure that your customers leave happy and content with our range of showbags, with free shipping on orders exceeding $100.