Wizz Fizz Supa Fizz Showbag

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Wizz Fizz Supa Fizz Showbag

Fyna’s Finest! Classic Wizz Fizz Supa Fizz Sherbet Showbag


What’s Included:

8 x Wizz Fizz Sherbets ($0.50)

1 x 125gm Big Boss Musk Stickes ($2.50)

1 x Wizz Fizz Fizzy Rolls ( 10pk ) ($2.00)

1 x Wizz Fizz Sherbets Bubblegum ($0.75)

2 x Fyna Fads ($0.65)

12 x 6gm Wizz Fizz Fizzers ($0.20)

1 x 70gm Wizz Fizz Sherbet Gummies ($2.00)

Total Retail Value $14.95




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