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                Lolly Showbag

                With so much to choose from, our confectionary showbags are a blessing. We make it easy to select your favourite treats in the form of fun bags that include a variety of sweets. We have something for everyone, from chocolate to liquorice to a lolly showbag.

                What to Expect From Our Lolly and Chocolate Showbags

                Our confectionary bags all come with the following:

                • Fun designs. Every bag comes with a fun design that shows off the branding of the sweets inside, which – specifically for kids’ parties – is fantastic to colour up the event. The bags are also of reliable quality, making them easy to reuse in the future.
                • All your favourite treats. Each bag comes with a variety of treats inside from the same brand. Whether you want a bag of sherbet and lollies, a bag of distinct types of liquorice, or assorted chocolates, there’s a bag for you.
                • Varied sizes. Our bags come in standard and mega sizes depending on how much you need.

                With so much variety, we make it easy for you to find a chocolate or lolly showbag with your preferred sweets inside. If you’re looking for other showbags, why not consider our novelty showbags for some fun kids’ costumes and toys?

                Lolly Showbag (4)

                Wizz Fizz Little Wizz Fizz Showbag


                Fyna Love Licorice Showbag


                Wizz Fizz Showbag


                Fyna Mega Licorice Showbag

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